Kapok Filled Thai Neck Pillow

Kapok Filled Thai Neck Pillow

Airplane Pillow Thai Style 100% Cotton Neck Support Good Ventilation Comfortable Stable


1.  Neck pillow for bed - make you to get a restful rest or sleep.

2. It conforms to your neck's shape for amazing support and comfort

in cramped quarters and neck pain.

3. Specially U shaped neck pillows designed will support your neck very well while you are traveling by airplane or car, camping,  play computer,  or relax at home.  

4. This U neck pillows comes with a luxury and unique - Traditional fabric with Thai design with cotton fabric for added comfort.

5. Best neck pillow for air planes is hear


Material :          Cotton Fabric with kapok (a fluffy plant fiber) inside   

Size :                11” x 10”     

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